Terms and conditions 

This document is a guide to using the site, mobile application, and mobile version of Baji. Before starting a game in the casino, each user must carefully study all the provisions and confirm their agreement with them. If the client is not satisfied with the rules, then he/she will not be able to access the products and services of the organization.

All terms and conditions comply with both local and international gambling laws. Baji is owned by Aurora Holdings N.V., has registration number 10692, and is licensed by the foreign government of Curacao.

This agreement is flexible and subject to change if the management of the company considers it so. All users are strongly encouraged to re-read the terms and conditions from time to time to stay aware of any adjustments. At the same time, Baji undertakes to notify the players in advance about the policy update.

Before interacting with Baji, the user needs to learn the terms and conditions of the platform

Rules for clients

Safe and legal use of casino services is possible only if the basic rules are observed:

  • The player must be over 18 years of age. At the same time, it is the responsibility of the client to find out about the legal age for gambling in his country, since in some states this may differ from the established norm;
  • The user can enter into agreements and fulfill obligations only if he/she is legally capable;
  • The player confirms that he/she is a resident of a country where gambling is legal;
  • The client undertakes not to use VPN or other services that will hide his/her true location;
  • The client assumes responsibility for all risks that may be associated with the bet, such as the loss of money;
  • The user uses the platform only for personal purposes, not trying to represent the commercial interests of third parties.

Create a profile

The registration process is also subject to special conditions that help make this process streamlined, understandable, and secure:

  • Baji may not register a person at his discretion and without giving a reason;
  • A person must fill out the entire registration form, providing complete and accurate information. If necessary, the organization may request documents that confirm the entered data;
  • The user must read all the documents submitted for review and confirm their agreement with them;
  • Customers must update contact details or other information to keep them relevant. In addition, such changes must be reported to the casino management;
  • Each user is allowed to create only one profile. Otherwise, you will lose access to the web page forever;
  • A registered player must keep his/her login and password secret and not transfer these data to third parties. If an unauthorized third party tries to log into your account, you must immediately report this to customer support.

Deposit and withdrawal

Some important rules apply to the banking transactions that the client makes on the platform:

  • All money transfers must be made only from the bank method that is registered for the client. To prove ownership of the payment options, Baji may require a bank statement or a paid utility bill;
  • The organization pays commissions that are associated with making a deposit or withdrawing money. However, bank charges are paid by the user himself;
  • The client cannot use money that was obtained as a result of criminal activity;
  • Withdrawal of money is available only if the player wagered the deposit at least once;
  • Withdrawal of winnings is made only to the payment method that was used to replenish the gaming account.

Fraud and money laundering

Baji online will not allow the use of the website and Baji application for criminal activities such as money laundering, terrorist financing, or fraud.

If the client is suspected of illegal activities, the casino may request the necessary documents to verify the source of funds. If violations of the company’s rules and the laws of the country are found, Baji may apply to law enforcement agencies or the courts. In addition, the organization will seek investigation and application of punishment to the offender.

All images, links, information, statistics, and logos belong to Baji. The Client may use the above services and products for personal purposes only.

If a player uses the style, trademarks, and other products of the casino for commercial purposes, Baji may take legal action to protect its rights.

The web page may contain links to resources that are not in the area of responsibility and are not controlled by Baji. The Casino does not regulate the information, as well as its accuracy and completeness on such platforms. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the user if he/she visits third-party resources, and for security reasons, he/she is advised to read the privacy policy and platform rules.