Privacy Policy

A safe and stable atmosphere in a gambling establishment is what attracts all customers. However, to ensure this among the organization, it is necessary to know its users well. To do this, Baji has developed a privacy policy that allows you to legally receive and analyze private information about players.

online Baji website does not forget about the rights of clients and focuses on what they can do within the framework of this policy. In addition, the organization always notifies players of changes that occur in the provisions of the privacy policy.

At the same time, the institution reminds that consent to this agreement occurs automatically when creating a profile. If the client is not satisfied with this state of affairs and he is not going to comply with the prescribed provisions, then such a user should leave the web page.

Baji's user privacy policy is its priority

Groups of private details

Every day, Baji’s employees work hard to collect and process customer data. This happens at all levels and through various means. Depending on each category, the company uses appropriate methods for obtaining information.

Personal data

This is the main piece of information an organization needs to know its customers. As a rule, such information is obtained by filling out a registration form, making money transactions, placing bets, and so on. Below is a list of what is included in this block:

  • Name and surname of the user;
  • E-mail address;
  • Mobile number;
  • residential address;
  • Transaction history;
  • Details about the banking method;
  • Documents that prove identity.


While on the web page, the customer may leave comments or contact customer support. In such cases, the user specifies his login, as well as contact information. This data is stored in the company’s archive, just like the content of the correspondence with a support employee.


When visiting the official website, Baji application, or mobile version, the organization reads information about the device type, operating system, IP address, and other technical characteristics. Also, this method of obtaining details allows you to find out the language preferences of the player.


Special cookies are automatically installed in the client’s browser to track their preferences and use them to improve their marketing strategy. You can only refuse cookies that are not mandatory. Because otherwise, you will not be able to access the platform.

Ways to use data

Baji uses private information about clients only for lawful purposes and for their benefit, or the safety of the institution:

  • Compliance with those legal obligations that are imposed on the company as an officially registered gambling establishment;
  • Ensuring the smooth operation and open access of customers to the web page;
  • Drawing up a competent personalized advertising strategy;
  • Providing a safe game for existing customers;
  • Control over the conscious game of users;
  • Prevention of illegal actions on the platform.


Baji has no right to transfer or sell customer information to third parties. However, some situations are exceptions:

  • Fulfillment by the organization of regulatory and legal obligations;
  • Disclosure of details to partners and providers of the organization;
  • Investigation by law enforcement agencies regarding the use of the company for illegal purposes;
  • When a player contacts the support service in case of a gambling addiction;
  • The client has granted permission to transfer data.

Safe environment

Some customers may worry that private data is not secure in the hands of the organization. However, Baji respects the rights of users to privacy and the safety of all information. The organization uses anti-virus systems, SSL ciphers, as well as complex passwords for entering databases for all employees.

The gambling establishment cannot be held responsible for those sites or institutions that link to Baji. Therefore, players are solely responsible if they provide information to such platforms. All data collected by these institutions is analyzed and processed per their privacy policy.

In addition, Baji’s web page may contain links to third-party resources. The organization is also not responsible for its security practices and policy conditions.